Two Cities Coffee Roasters

Our Beans & Roasting Process

Our Beans



Fair Trade & Relationship-Based

All of our coffee beans are fair trade and/or relationship sourced, ensuring that the farmers and growers of our coffee beans are paid fairly for their product. Also roasting some rainforest alliance beans, we hope to help preserve and grow the earth's rainforest and animal populations that have been harshly affected by the world's global growth in industry and production.



Staying true to roasting only organic coffee beans, we not only provide a product that is grown without chemicals and pesticides, but also help prevent the detrimental physical effects that long-term exposure to these chemicals could bring to the farmers growing our coffees.


100% Arabica Specialty-grade Coffee Beans

All of our beans are 100% Arabica specialty-grade coffees, among the highest quality beans grown & roasted in the world.


Small Batch, Roasted to Order

By roasting our coffee in small batches, we ensure a more uniform roast than mass-produced coffee roasting. And because we freshly roast our coffee beans to order, we provide our customers with an experience of flavors and aroma that only fresh roasted coffee can bring.


The Roasting Process


Green Coffee Beans

Unroasted green coffee beans arrive in large bags from across the globe ready for roasting at Two Cities Roastery. Our Master Roaster then decides the roast he wants and weighs each batch properly.


Into The Hopper

The green coffee beans are then poured straight into the roasting hopper where they wait to be dropped into the roasting drum that has been heated by flame to the proper temperature.


Freshly Roasted

With the pull of a lever, the green coffee beans are dropped into the heated roasting drum where they are tumbled and roasted with a combination of hot air and the flame-heated drum. Probes check temperature as air is sucked away, pulling the chaff from the beans.



Once the coffee beans have reached the proper roast level, they are dropped into the cooling bin where paddles sweep in a circular motion and the hot air is drawn away by fan. Once cool, the freshly-roasted beans are bagged and ready to brew!